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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recover data from my dead computer?

Frequency Computers has an excellent track record of recovering data from as little as 50. If the drive is beyond serviceable then Frequency Computers can manage the arrangements with a national data recovery centre. This is where is gets pricey so it is recommended to back up regularly.

How can I speed up my computer?

The cheapest and most effective way to speed up your computer is to install more Random Access Memory. Major retailers don't supply enough RAM as it pushes up their prices. Frequency Computers recommends at least 3GB of RAM for Windows 7, 8 and 10. A typical upgrade costs as little as 15 + labour if you live in the North Devon area.
Corsair DDR3 RAM

I want to get a better system, what should I go for?

Frequency Computers recommends computers with Solid State Drives. They run applications very efficiently.
Check out the Offers page for the latest computer deal. Don't forget to ask about upgrading to an SSD.

Is it possible to speed up my computer without installing any new hardware?

Yes. Frequency Computers can clean up your system as part of the call out service. We also offer tuition on overclocking techniques from just 40/hr. (Your motherboard must be compatible.)

I need some Anti-Virus software. What do you recommend?

Microsoft now offer software free of charge to combat viruses. It is a lightweight program so won't slow your computer down. Click here to go to their download site.

My broadband connection seems to be limited. Can I speed it up?

Contact Us if your Internet Service Provider is failing to help you. I have a good reputation for sorting out broadband problems that BT don't tell you about. Alternatively, if you have had your connection for over 12 months then you should be able to upgrade to a better package at no extra cost. Here are some links to common ISP's:

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